With the foundation in architecture, scenography and art, JAC studios work with exhibition architecture for museums, companies as well as in public urban space.

The Vision is an interest in challenging and developing the exhibition experience and the future values this implies. We have a solid experience of small and large-scale projects in all stages of the design process. We work in close dialogue with the client, and offer a complete design, from conception, to detailed drawings, production and tender request documentation.

JAC studios believe in contextual exhibitions, where the nar­rative or thematic story is communicated through a one-off design, which responds to movement, the specific space, the scenic setting, light, sound and furniture. However, while the consideration of these elements as essential, the artifact remains the main driver for the design.

We believe that the combination of scenography and archi­tecture provides a base for alternative thinking and results in communicative spaces accentuated by storytelling, aesthetics, materiality, sustainability and user participation. We believe that exhibition design plays a major role in con­tributing to debates and dialogues. Therefore, the exhibition should work as a social and communicative stage.




The studio is a creative team of designers, architects and art­ists and as a team we are able to provide a complete project using our in-house resources. Furthermore we have a broad network of subcontractors within construction, photography, moving and digital media, art, literature and music.


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