Content and concept development

We are involved in the strategic background of a project where we develop ideas, visions and aspirations for an assignment. This involves preliminary analysis, research and establishing key concepts and project goals leading to further investigation of a project potential. The findings and ideas are collated and presented through reports and publications that can be used in the pre-phase of a given project.

Story essence workshop
Visual report
Sand casting

User participation

We curate workshops with clients, stakeholders and end users to gain insight and understanding into who we are designing for. Through talking directly to the end user and engaging them via hands-on workshops, a broader perspective is created to test and challenge ideas for a project. An important driver in our creative processes is our multidisciplinary collaboration with clients and stakeholders where we involve not just the field of design but the wider spectrum of scientists, geographers, historians and writers from the beginning of a project.

Glass casting

Aesthetics & materials

Our design method explores a combination of new technology and traditional handcraft with the use of carefully selected contextual materials that are rooted in the process of making. Every project is approached through experimentation and rigorous testing via prototyping and 1:1 mockups to develop a bespoke and site specific design solution. We aim for a sensitive approach that sometimes requires a lightweight intervention that encourages visitors to reflect.

Sandstorm test
Site registration
Selecting ice for 3d scanning